German Africa Policy: 10 Hypotheses

Robert Kappel

pdf download:German Africa Policy.Blog.12.9.2015

Based on an evaluation of cooperation experiences of the last decade and new economic and political challenges we formulate ten hypotheses. They underline that Germany’s Africa policy is ripe for a change and a repositioning:

  1. Germany should no longer focus on development cooperation. This no longer adequately addresses the trends, speeds, and dynamics in Africa. Africa should not be reduced to a site for charity activities: it is a strategically important continent. A new German policy on Africa should create reasonable consistency between new programs and key content in German policy per se, as well as with normative agreements with European or multilateral institutions. Such a policy ….should offer a practicable coherence between the traditional spheres of development, foreign and security policy, economic and trade policy, and domestic (migration) and environmental policy. Consistency between national goals and international agreements will reinforce the reliability of German policy.

For different countries, different approaches and measures must be identified. Special emphasis should be given to democratic middle powers. On the one hand, democratic middle …..

pdf download:German Africa Policy.Blog.12.9.2015