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Good governance: Can peer review unlock Africa’s potential

Moves are afoot to inject new life into the African Peer Review Mechanism, founded in 2003, under which African states agreed to monitor good governance among themselves. Could this help solve Africa’s problems?

The idea was simple but has proved difficult to implement. African states would monitor each other’s progress towards good governance and give recommendations where necessary. Were local and national authorities efficient? Was the legal system fair, were elections transparent? How satisfactory was the business climate for investors and how were conflicts resolved?…..Analyst Robert Kappel, former head of the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), describes the existence of properly functioning structures with APRM as an important step forward. 17 country reports have been published so far. But what does this mean for the countries that have subjected themselves to peer review? Not much, Kappel says. “It is one tool among many which could help make economic policy more effective and promote good governance. The countries have generally accepted the recommendations contained in the country reports, but implementation tends to be sluggish,” he explained. Kappel is convinced that APRM will fail to make any lasting impact unless member countries are penalized for failing to implement recommendations.

Report Deutsche Welle 30 March 2016: