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SAMforSE – A Self-Assessment Manual for Social Entrepreneurs

Beate Grotehans, Wolfgang Hein, Robert Kappel, supported by Kerstin Humberg

Siemens Stiftung developed SAMforSE in cooperation with the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Munich 2016Uganda.Ruanda.Kenia.Pictures2014 217.

How can you know if your company or organization is doing well and what works?
These are familiar questions asked by many forward-thinking social entrepreneurs. Though the question is quite simple, the answer is often complex and influenced by many factors. The buzz is steadily increasing about tools that measure the impact of social enterprises and standardized metrics for assessing social, economic, and environmental impact.

However, there are currently no easily applicable tools for social entrepreneurs to measure their businesses in this way. SAMforSE is a tool specifically developed for the needs of social entrepreneurs. It is geared toward the ecosystem and business model of social enterprises. It has been developed for social entrepreneurs looking for quick insights about, among other things, their organization’s value creation and social performance. It is a diagnostic tool for your own enterprise.
The tool is designed to help identify your strengths and successes but also to highlight areas where there is room for improvement when it comes to sustaining success over time. The tool focuses on insights and planning rather than relying on some general strategies that your enterprise is growing or scaling in the right direction, or achieving impact by improving the lives of customers.

Please note: outstanding results in several areas of evaluation do not guarantee that your organization will be an automatic success. SAMforSE is the first step in a complex evaluation process and provides an early glimpse into the development of your business.
By applying SAMforSE, we are confident you will gain deeper insights and concrete recommendations for your business.We also offer additional practical support for your business upon completion of SAMforSE:
– Information where you can find professional business coaching and support
– Links to tutorials and webinars about social entrepreneurship business models
– Opportunities to apply for a personal coaching program conducted by a business development service provider, or for business development workshops organized by Siemens Stiftung. The costs of a coach or a workshop will be covered by Siemens Stiftung with no additional charge.

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SAMforSE – A Self-Assessment Manual for Social Entrepreneurs

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