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Robert Kappel

There has been much talk about the African miracle. Various newspapers, consultancy firms, and lobby groups have all reported that Africa is on the move, while others have claimed that Africa is on the rise; even the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has stated that ‘Africa is a continent of opportunities’ (BMZ 2014).
What does the rise of Africa mean for Germany’s Africa policy? How should Germany act? How should German policy deal with aid fatigue and the lack of success of development aid? How should Germany evaluate the rise of China and India in Africa, as well as that of other middle powers, like Turkey, Korea, and Brazil? How much is Germany in need of a new Africa policy?
The paper will attempt to appraise Germany’s changing Africa policy by examining, on the one hand, German ministries’ documents regarding German Africa policy and foreign policy and, on the other hand, the latest research documents that analyze and evaluate the political and economic changes going on in Africa, in African subregions, and in individual African countries. These findings will then be compared with actual decisions made by the German government and various ministries. The paper will also try to identify main approaches for a new German Africa policy.

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