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Robert Kappel, Birte Pfeiffer and Helmut Reisen

Despite falling commodity prices, Africa’s external financial flows
have remained stable overall. This chapter analyses trends in those
flows; from foreign direct investment and portfolio equity which
fell, to remittances and official development assistance which are
increasing. It also studies Africa’s tax revenue collection that has
dropped because of lower resource revenues. The chapter looks
at the policy challenges and opportunities related to attracting
financial inflows ranging from the need to stabilise foreign inflows
and implementing medium- to long-term structural policies as
part of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 to step up the continent’s

Chapter 2 of African Economic Outlook: External financial flows
and tax revenues for Africa, pp. 51-76

download full report: http://www.africaneconomicoutlook.org/en/outlook

download chapter 2: http://www.africaneconomicoutlook.org/en/outlook/external-financial-flows-and-tax-revenues-for-africa